Program Update: The 411 on Memorial Star Transport


Memorial Star Transport is an air and ground critical and specialty care transport program providing UCHealth care to southeastern Colorado.  The clinical team is staffed with emergency department/critical care nurses, high risk obstetrical nurses, neonatal intensive care nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics.  Each team member has at least three years of experience in their respective field prior to joining the transport.  Then they complete a forty-hour intensive academy training followed by precepted clinical time before becoming a competent transport team member.  The UCHealth Memorial Transport team has one of the only high risk obstetrical transport teams in the United States which has completed the Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC).  The team members continue their training with an additional one-hundred hours annually to maintain their competencies.  Additional team members include pilots, emergency medical technicians, mechanics and the leadership group.  The UCHealth Memorial Star Transport team is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The UCHealth Memorial Star Transport program is closely aligned with the UCHealth DocLine and the AirLink II program in Loveland.  The transport program is growing so watch for coming changes to improve accessibility and customer service.

Team Facts

Crew Members – 50

Request for Trauma Related Transports – 284 (Calendar Year 2016)

Furthest Destination – Delta County, Colorado (175 miles)

Out of State Responses – Cheyenne, WY (170 miles) & Raton, NM (148 miles)

Aircraft Data

Manufacture Year – 2004

Manufacture – Bell Helicopter

Model – 407

Engine – Rolls Royce 250-C47B

Top Speed – 161 mph

Wingspan – 42’

Range – 372 miles

Weight – 2,668 pounds

Operator – Med-Trans Corp

Ambulance Data

Manufacture Year – 2006

Manufacture – Ford Motor Company

Ambulance Completion – American Emergency Vehicles

Type – III

Operator – American Medical Response