Circle of Hope Fund

Helping our family, friends, and neighbors fight cancer.

Cancer does not choose to invade only the wealthy, only the impoverished, only the prepared. It can strike anyone at any time, as they work hard every day to make a living for themselves and their families. When people in our community learn they have cancer, they face a whole new set of challenges that can distract them from the healing journey. Cancer not only attacks a person physically, but socially, emotionally, and financially. 

Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Circle of Hope Fund eases their burden and helps them to meet the enormous challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Due to the degenerative nature of cancer illness and its treatments, many patients are forced to take time off, increasing their financial burden. 

The Circle of Hope Fund provides financial assistance to cancer patients who are being treated at Memorial Hospital with basic living expenses, such as rent, utilities, cancer medications, nutrition, and transportation to appointments.

In a National Health Survey, between 2003 and 2006, an estimated 2 million of 12 million cancer patients chose to delay cancer treatment due to costs. Even with employer sponsored health insurance, which 64% of patients recieve, most have to pay out-of-pocket for treatment expenses.The average out-of-pocket costs for insured breast cancer patients is $1,455 per month.  Due to the degenerative nature of cancer illness, and its treatments, many patients are forced to take time off, increasing their financial burden.

Your gift directly benefits Memorial Hospital’s cancer patients.  Every year, we receive more than 200 requests for financial assistance, and we assist 124 patients on average.

In 2019, $55,000 was raised for patients in October ALONE. Because of this, we hope to provide nearly $200,000 in assistance in 2020. You can help us achieve that by making a secure donation online right now.

100% of your donation goes to support our patients and their families.

By contributing to Memorial Hospital Foundation, you give back to your 
family, your friends, your neighbors…your community.

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