Fund Impact: Emergency and Trauma Services

3E0A1399AThe foundation’s 911 Fund supports the Emergency and Trauma departments.  In the past year, this has included funding for several new items needed by Memorial Star Transport.

Foundations funds purchased two Gentex SPH-5 Helicopter Helmets, which are worn by our UCHealth Memorial Clinical Crew (Registered Nurses & Respiratory Therapists) while they are on the helicopter providing care to our most critical patients.  The helmets provide them with hearing and head protection.  The helicopter noise is approximately 85 decibels, which is considered to be a hearing hazard, so the helmets are instrumental to the safety of the crew.

The fund is about to purchase three McGrath Enhanced Direct Laryngoscopes (EDL).  These devices assist the clinical crew in placing a breathing tube into patients that are either struggling to breathe or need assistance in effective ventilation.  EDL provides magnification and illumination of the airway, and the viewing angle is superior to direct laryngoscopy. Video laryngoscopy has been associated with significant improvement in glottis visualization compared with direct laryngoscopy, and greatly increases the likelihood of a successful intubation on the first try, which decreases the number of complications for patients. 

Finally, foundation funds from generous donors (like you!) helped buy an Edan F-9 Express Maternal Fetal Monitor.  This machine is utilized to monitor the mother and baby simultaneously during transport by air and ground.  The standard of care is to monitor maternal and fetal (twin capable) heart rates, non-invasive maternal blood pressure, maternal pulse oximetry and uterine activity.  This piece of equipment allows for consistency of care provided by our high risk obstetrical transport team and the internal obstetrical team, helping Memorial deliver more babies than any other hospital in Southern Colorado.

From Michael Thralls, Manager of Specialty and Critical Care Transport, “Thank you, donors, from the Memorial Star Transport team! “