Sports Medicine – Athletic Trainer Program

Improving the lives of athletes by promoting and providing a culture of safe play on and off the playing surface.

Elevates the Field

  • Healthy Roster electronic medical records
  • SWAY Concussion Testing
  • Achieved D20’s Safe Sport Award (1st in CO)

Facilitates Rapid Access

  • Standardized physician sideline coverage
  • Works with athletes on playing surface and in the gym
  • Streamlines sports medicine access for the community

Assessment of Concussions

  • Manages a 24/7 Concussion Assessment Hotline 719-444-2273
  • Established protocols used at other institutions for recognition and treatment of concussions
  • Sideline SWAY Concussion Testing

Educates Athletes & Adults

  • Communication between athletes, parents, coaches and administrators
  • Creation and distribution of Injury Prevention Newsletter
  • Presentations at parent sport nights

    Partnerships with Schools

    • Tier 1: TCA, Sierra, Falcon, Sand Creek
    • Tier 2: Thomas MacLaren, St. Mary’s, UCCS Club Sports
    • Tier 3: ASD20 (exp. TCA)
    • Tier 4: USA Hockey, USAFA Prep, D11 Middle Schools

    Prevents Injuries

    • ACL and rotator cuff programs – 50% reduction in injuries
    • Medical Time-Out protocol pre-game with; coaches, referees, ATs, and physicians
    • “Gold Standard” sports physicals with cardiovascular and concussion assessment at UCHealth Urgent Care locations

      The need for community support

      UCHealth Sports Medicine – Athletic training is one of many UCHealth programs competing for limited system resources (Athletic events may proceed uncovered if resources are not secured)

      Limited school funding for athletic trainers means UCHealth is not compensated at cost for the athletic trainers we provide. Alternatively, practices and/or competitions may proceed without athletic training coverage which can lead to delays in emergency event response and negative health outcomes.

      Contribute to better health.

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