Health Care Worker Wellbeing

Building a healthier future for Southern Colorado by prioritizing the wellbeing of those who dedicate their lives to helping others.
Health care worker burnout is real, and impacts everyone. Our goal is to combat burnout through innovative approaches and normalize a culture of empathy within the workplace. 

Health Care Worker Burnout

The National Association of Medicine reports that burnout for health care workers has reached crisis levels. Burnout is associated with; increased risk of patient safety incidents, poorer quality care, reduced patient satisfaction, and diminished or ineffective communication between clinicians. Often, these professionals exit the health care workforce which compounds the stress on remaining staff. Colorado is currently facing a shortage of 10,000 nurses, nationally the shortage is 2 million nurses. Annually, the societal costs attributed to health care worker burnout are estimated at $4.6 billion.


Medical Students and Residents Experience Burnout


Nurses and Physicians Experience Burnout

Innovative Approach

Health care work can be full of difficult emotions, but it can also be full of joyful moments. Through innovative approaches we aim to balance the scale between stress and joy. Our commitment to combatting burnout through expanded access to resources in a multi-pronged approach allows us to meet staff where they are. While some research exists to protect staff from burnout, we are a pioneer in the field.

Ultimately, we seek to normalize a culture of empathy through a wellbeing framework within UCHealth that combines behavioral health support and personal, organizational and community wellbeing. UCHealth has invested in a Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Wellness Officer to guide this wellbeing framework, as well as the creation of regional Wellbeing Steering Committees.

Community Investment

Health care worker wellbeing affects our community in a significant way. Clinical burnout leads to a health care environment that is unable to meet the needs of the residents which it serves. While UCHealth offers an abundance of resources and benefits to support and bolster well-being, there is room for partnerships within the community to do even more.

Innovative programs are proving to be effective in reducing burnout. Community investment in piloting and expanding these offerings is necessary to ensure we have a robust workforce ready to attend to our health care needs.

Be a part of building a healthier future for Southern Colorado by prioritizing the wellbeing of those who dedicate their lives to helping others. 

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